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The brew crew!


Founders (left to right): Corey Wood - Danielle Wood - Ryan Cheong


Kombucha is a bubbly, probiotic tea made by following an ancient recipe with 3 simple ingredients: tea, sugar and a live culture called a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The SCOBY - the life force of kombucha - thrives on the sugar and caffeine in the tea. Thanks to the symbiotic transfer of nutrients between the yeasts and bacteria during fermentation, kombucha is rich in probiotics and digestive enzymes that feed the gut microbiome - the community of microbes that play such a key role in digestion, immune response and even mental health! The research on probiotics is starting to come out and is poised to revolutionize modern medicine. And kombucha is a fun and tasty way to get your probiotics!

  • Raw - ELIXIR Kombucha is never pasteurized and contains no additives or preservatives. Just good ol’ raw kombucha, the way the SCOBY intended it. We flavor our kombucha with organic fruits, juices, herbs and spices. Because on top of the benefits of probiotics, drinking kombucha should be fun and tasty too!

  • Local - we are a small, independently owned business. We LOVE buying from other local and regional companies. You get a taste and experience that you can’t get from a mass produced product. Buy local! We like to use #keeplouisvilleweird as support for our Louisville homies running small businesses alongside us.

  • Weird - not creepy weird. Weird as in different. Weird as in curious and wholly individual. Let’s face it, kombucha is kind of a weird drink. You ever seen a SCOBY? If that’s not weird we don’t know what is. But we like weird. Weirdness makes us question the norm. Embrace your weirdness and snag a kombucha.





ELIXIR brews and bottles in Louisville, Kentucky, y’all! Three friends that began brewing kombucha for ourselves and for family members with digestive and autoimmune issues. We began brewing because it’s fun and it helped us and our loved ones feel better. We took that and ran with it. Now we brew for the Bluegrass and beyond. Our tagline and philosophy is simple. Louisville Cultured. Raw. Local. Weird.



At Elixir Kombucha, we take health and wellness seriously. Kombucha is packed with probiotics to keep your gut happy - and our newsletter is packed with great information, events, new flavors and more!